Kreattiv Project

Scholastic Year 2019-2020

Going Green”

The project involves four major steps: Field trips, Construction of free standing pots, formation of  a vertical garden and Installation of the ceramic pots. 
The aim of the project is to explore the different forms (of ceramics)  which are aesthetically pleasing and yet still functional for the use as plant pots, to develop surface textures in clay with use of organic material, to draw our students attention and create awareness of the beauty of a greener environment and to educate students in the growing of and caring for plants. 
The conclusion of the project will see the pots being planted with the cuttings and seeds that have been grown by the students in their own classes and the installation and distribution of the pots in the school and local elderly home with the intention of creating a greener and more vibrant environment through their creative endeavors. 

Scholastic Year 2018-2019

Malta has many iconic buildings that, especially for a student with special needs, may go unnoticed. The project started with site visits to places such as Mosta Dome, Hagar Qim and the Parliament building where, assisted by staff, they took photos of the buildings with the aim of later creating them in ceramic form. The photos were to be used as part of the project work. The students were guided through the process of making templates in cardboard of the buildings they had chosen to reproduce. Slabs with multiple layers were used as the main technique for creating the ceramic pieces. Cardboard templates enabled the students to cut the clay accurately and add modeled features. The resulting 3D models and relief clay objects have been exhibited around the school together with the research photos.

Kreattiv Project

A short video outlining the Kreattiv Project. Special thanks to Ms.Sue Mifsud for her dedication and commitment towards this project. #Kreattiv #ArtsCouncilMalta#3rdconsecutiveyear #pottery #MalteseArchitectureArts Council MaltaEdukazzjoni

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