“…valuable and contributing members of the community…”
“…cater for the personal, social, educational and spiritual development of the students…”
“…achieve greater self-esteem and personal maturity…”
“…enable all pupils to make progress…”
“…empower the students to achieve full inclusion in society…”

Using Recycling Material to make Instruments

Musical instruments, like tools, can become a simple extensions of our ability to express our feelings. During the past two weeks, students experienced that recycling and reusing materials to make up  musical instruments is fun. Students were first introduced to different shakers made up of various materials and sizes. They played each individual recycled instrument for their own exploration and then, the class played together as a group imitating rhythmic patterns. Then, students had the opportunity to create their own shaker using toilet paper rolls as a base. Students had to choose from: rice, macaroni, linseed, oats etc to fill up their shaker. Finally, they decorated their shaker to their liking.


Career Exposure

This week one of the students from the Resource Centre had the opportunity to work at the Hamrun Local Council. He was given several tasks including photocopying, sorting and cutting out paper. He was greeted by all the members of staff and given a warm welcome.

Shapes Activities

Learning to identify shapes is an important skill for our students. Moreover, it is quite rewarding for the students because their world is full of shapes. Understanding shapes will enable students to be more in tune to the world around them and see the connections between objects, as well as being better able to appreciate artistic works. Pictures show some of the fun activities we did together in class to consolidate their knowledge about shapes.

Career Exposure

Another student from Guardian Angel School, Anna Marie Mc Donnell, has just started her career exposure at Ta’ Qali Petting Farm this week. During her first day, she had the opportunity to see the different types of animals that are found in this farm. Anna Marie practised hands on skills such as grooming the rabbits, cleaning up the chicken coop, sweeping the floor using a broom and feeding the animals such as the horse, rabbits and Llama. She is willing to continue her career exposure in this beautiful and welcoming petting farm.

We Eat Responsibly – Yes To Food No To Waste

Room 1 students preparing a banana, apple & oat cake using leftover food collected from midday lunch break.  Local honey was used as a natural source of sugar. Ingredients with no palm oil were also used.

Career Exposure

At present, two students from our Resource Centre, Naomi Pace Gasan and Shaun Grech are taking part in a career exposure at Qrendi Local council.  During this career exposure, students have the opportunity to improve their skills holistically such as meeting new people, using the computer, practising general office duties and most importantly boosting their confidence and motivation. Through this experience, the participants will gain an insight to what they might actually encounter after finishing their schooling. This career exposure is part of the Prince’s Trust Programme which is currently being incorporated during lessons at the Resource Centre. A special thanks goes to Ms Ann Julene Hili, the College career advisor, who has been exceptionally supportive to ensure that each student finds an appropriate work environment.

Pama Outing: 3rd February, 2017

Young people from Guardian Angel Resource Centre had the opportunity to visit the Pama Shopping centre where they selected different items which are used in relation to personal hygiene. Apart from this they had the chance to interact with a cashier and use money to pay for the chosen items. All this was organised by the PSCD teachers with the support of the LSAs.