Erasmus+ 2017 – 2020

Project: “Inclusion by ICT – Information and Communication Technologies in Special Needs Education”

The objective of this project is to exchange good practice in terms of ICT. The schools will be working on the implementation of innovative projects in everyday educational practice with children with special needs.

Some of the aims of the project are:

  • To upgrade teachers’ knowledge of how to use modern ICT as an important tool in inclusive education
  • To support classical teaching methods through the use of digital methods, such as, Omnidu, smart boards, Optimusic, tablets, etc.
  • To implement new ideas and look for innovations which lead to long term solutions and improvement of the quality of teaching.

Staff from Guardian Angel visiting Partner School in the UK – June 2018

Partner schools from Holland, Poland and the UK visiting Malta – January 2019

Visit to Poland – Oct 2019

Staff from our school visited the Special School in Krakow and experienced different pedagogies used in various classes. Teachers from different countries had the opportunity to share their views and practices on what is done back home. This week proved to be beneficial as different teaching techniques can now be introduced at our Resource Centre. Such techniques included the use of ICT in holticulture, Omnidu in D&T and Optimusic to learn new vocabulary.