“Inclusive Me!”

Erasmus+ Project – Inclusive Me

An interview highlighting our experience within the Erasmus+ Project. This video includes an interview with Mr.Randall Cilia, Head of School, Ms. Nadia Marie Sultana teacher at Guardian Angel Resource Centre and Ms.Marthese Caruana, parent.#InclusiveMe#Erasmus+ #Poland #MaltaEdukazzjoni

Geplaatst door San Ġorg Preca College Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre op Maandag 29 juli 2019

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Project: “Inclusive Me!”

The objective of this project is to exchange good practices in inclusive education.  The project was created to enable students to observe peers from a culturally different environment, experience new situations with regards to travel, visiting a European country, establishing a friendship abroad and much more. 

From this project the students gain a wide range of independent living skills like packing their clothes, boarding a plane and eating at a restaurant.  Furthermore, students improve their self-confidence, learn how to cope with new situations and acquire a sense of belonging in a different country of their own.

Teacher Training – May 2018

Students practising Independent Living Skills in Malta

Polish students visiting Malta – October 2018

Maltese students visiting Poland – December 2018

Maltese students visiting Poland – March 2019


Project evaluation

Educators serving at Guardian Angel Resource Centre met together to evaluate this project’s results. During this activity they discussed ways how to improve student’s mobilities and listed the good practices that they have seen throughout the project. In addition the group recognized those learners who benefited most from  this project and proposed ideas on how to make this project more significant to those learners with the most severe learning difficulties. In addition the first booklet that showcases students’ participation in Independent living skills classes was presented to all the staff.