Litter Less Campaign

The Litter Less Campaign is a joint initiative of the MARS Wrigley Foundation and Foundation for Environmental Education. The campaign engages and educates children and young people on the issue of litter and waste, and encourages them to make positive choices.

Guardian Angel Resource Centre is taking part in this initiative with the Campaign title: “Plastic-free bite”. The aim is to eliminate completely the plastic cutlery that students use during lunch and replace them with stainless steel cutlery. Throughout the campaign there will be a moment to raise awareness through various activities, then proceed to an implementation of the project later on.

Slogan for our Community Action Day

A slogan for our project “Plastic-free bite”.

Bye Bye Plastic Cutlery

Another initiative that Guardian Angel is going to adopt, is the abolition of plastic cutlery in order to use the stainless steel ones for lunch and snacks. After plenty (and plenty!) of planning, research and discussion, YRE members have finalized funds. Exciting times!

Collection of Caps

Every year Guardian Angel collects its fair share of caps!

Eliminating Plastic Straws

This year, stainless steel straws have been introduced at Guardian Angel as part of the EkoSkola, YRE and LLC.

Less plastic waste

Last year the school introduced the Reverse Osmosis system in some rooms, thus reducing the plastic consumption by 50%. This year, the system has been introduced in more rooms, hence water bottles have now been eliminated almost completely.