Litter Less Campaign

The Litter Less Campaign is a joint initiative of the MARS Wrigley Foundation and Foundation for Environmental Education. The campaign engages and educates children and young people on the issue of litter and waste, and encourages them to make positive choices.

Guardian Angel Resource Centre is taking part in this initiative with the Campaign title: “Plastic-free bite”. The aim is to eliminate completely the plastic cutlery that students use during lunch and replace them with stainless steel cutlery. Throughout the campaign there will be a moment to raise awareness through various activities, then proceed to an implementation of the project later on.

Latest Litterless Campaign News:

Our Compost Bin is here! This is another of our Litter Less Campaign goals. Students will experience and learn more about composting. 

DID YOU DO YOUR PART? Help us clean our countryside. Organize a clean-up outing with your family and send us your photos. We need Nature to live healthy and Nature needs us to keep it clean!

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Last week Class 8 had a clean-up session. Students learned about the importance of disposing of waste responsibly. 

These photos were taken on the way to Wied Znuber. We were saddened by the fact that there were large amounts of waste in the area. We did not have large bags but managed to pick up cans, plastic bottles, and paper which were scattered along the pathway leading to Ghar Hasan.


Students of Class 1 during a school clean-up, as part of our Litterless Campaign.
#litterlesscampaign #guardianangelrc

One of our students, Meghan Wheeler, contributing to our campaign by doing a clean-up in the countryside. Well done Meghan!

Another student, Roan Marquette, doing a clean-up near the beach as part of our Litterless Campaign. Well done Roan!

Luca Scerri, a student from Class 4, shared with us photos while cleaning a natural spot from litter as part of the Litterless campaign that we are holding during the month of April. We encourage other students to follow Luca’s example and send us photos and/or videos. Well done Luca!

Litterless Campaign

As you might already be aware, this year our Centre is once again participating in the Litter Less Campaign. Our mission is to teach our students about waste management and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. So far, we managed to eliminate all disposable cutlery that used to be provided daily with meals. Also, lately, we purchased reusable aprons for all our students and staff members to use during cooking activities and thus eliminate the use of disposable ones. Every month we carry out different activities in relation to this campaign. 

For the month of April, we are planning a cleanup in the countryside. We are encouraging our whole school community to participate in this initiative. Due to the current situation, we cannot meet up. Thus, we are inviting you to go for a walk in the countryside, with your family, enjoy the fresh air and clean up any trash that you may find. Take a garbage bag with you and wear gloves for safety. Then dispose of any collected litter in an adequate bin. 
We look forward to seeing your photos supporting our mission! 🙂

#litterlesscampaign #guardianangelrc

These are some pictures that one of our teachers took while out in nature. Look at all the rubbish! How sad, treating our environment like this! Have you done your part? We are encouraging all students and families to help clean a natural spot from litter, during the month of April, and send us photos and/or videos. We appreciate every effort made towards this matter. Thank you!

Litterless Project

This month our school purchased reusable cotton aprons to be used during Home Economics sessions.  These will replace the disposable plastic ones that were usually used.  The school is making its utmost to reduce plastic waste and help the environment. 

This is part of the Litterless project.

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Litterless Campaign

As we all know, during these difficult times, going to the restaurant is not the norm, therefore, takeaways and deliveries are becoming more popular.  As part of the Litterless Campaign, we are encouraging all parents/guardians to use their own reusable cutlery instead of the plastic cutlery provided, in order to help the environment. 

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Litterless Campaign

All classes of Guardian Angel School have participated in online calls between classes to share good waste reduction practices.  Each class shared its ideas and explained their efforts to not increase plastic in the school.  Besides that, staff and students also exchanged tips on how to reduce waste that maybe the other party was not aware of.  This is part of the Litterless project.

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EWWR 2020

In conjunction with our ongoing #YRE Litter Less Campaign, this November our Centre participated in the European Week for Waste Reduction 2020. Throughout our activities, we aimed to explore and encourage different ways of waste reduction.  #litterlesscampaign

EWWR 2020

Class 2 students reused 96 toilet paper rolls to create a reusable advent calendar to our 4 students. This photo story shows the process of doing this advent calendar, reusing wrapping paper and numbering with glitters. We are all waiting for December 1st to start opening windows. This activity was part of the European Week for Waste Reduction 2020. #LLC

EWWR 2020

Students from Class 1 collected water from the ACs in their classroom and used it to water the plants they are cultivating in their classroom planter. This activity is part of EWWR 2020. #LLC

EWWR 2020

As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, students from Class 7 did a poster to raise awareness about waste reduction. #LLC

EWWR 2020

Students from Class 4 were assisted to separate domestic waste according to what was being discarded.  They also learnt that food leftovers should go into the organic bin. #LLC

EWWR 2020

Class 5’s students had the opportunity to go olive picking and preserving them in brine, using recycled glass and plastic containers. This activity was part of the EWWR 2020. #LLC

EWWR 2020

As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, students from Class 6 did a poster to raise awareness about resuing waste to design and make projects at school. #LLC

EWWR 2020

Don’t generate more waste activities presented by the students from Class 8. This activity was part of the European Week for Waste Reduction 2020. #LLC

EWWR 2020

Students from Class 9 created a vase by using recyclable materials. This activity was part of the European week for waster reduction 2020. #LLC

EWWR 2020

Class 3: Promoting the use of tote bags instead of plastic bags when going shopping. This activity was part of the European Week for Waste Reduction 2020. #LLC

EWWR 2020

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) encourages all Europeans, and not only, to carry out awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management during a single week in November. One of this year’s goals is to promote awareness about Invisible Waste. 

Our students have been learning about sustainability and waste management. For the occasion of the EWWR, we shall be sharing and promoting some of the good practices our students are learning about and/or doing at school. We encourage you to do your part… REDUCEREUSE, RECYCLE!! #LLC

Litterless Campaign

As it is the beginning of the scholastic year, students of Guardian Angel are being introduced to the topic of waste management, in particular, recycling. The focus of these lessons is the good separation of waste products and how to continue doing this at home.

#Litterlesscampaign #guardianangelrc

Slogan for our Community Action Day

A slogan for our project “Plastic-free bite”.

Bye Bye Plastic Cutlery

Another initiative that Guardian Angel is going to adopt, is the abolition of plastic cutlery in order to use the stainless steel ones for lunch and snacks. After plenty (and plenty!) of planning, research and discussion, YRE members have finalized funds. Exciting times!

Collection of Caps

Every year Guardian Angel collects its fair share of caps!

Eliminating Plastic Straws

This year, stainless steel straws have been introduced at Guardian Angel as part of the EkoSkola, YRE and LLC.

Less plastic waste

Last year the school introduced the Reverse Osmosis system in some rooms, thus reducing the plastic consumption by 50%. This year, the system has been introduced in more rooms, hence water bottles have now been eliminated almost completely.