Learning About Forests (LEAF)

LEAF is an international programme which works in parallel with EkoSkola. These projects complement each other and empower students to adopt an active role in decision-making and taking actions in their school community. LEAF is run by Nature Trust as FEE representatives.

This project is being led by Ms Claire Cassar and Ms Crystielle Farrugia Cortis. LEAF runs on the same principles adopted by EkoSkola with the main objective being to enhance awareness regarding trees and biodiversity in our centre. In this programme we will be tackling the issue of deforestation and thus, students will be experiencing planting of trees and herbs, acknowledge the difference in trees and much more. LEAF is a cross-curricular programme where lessons in Numeracy and Literacy will be involving counting of leaves and learning the parts of the tree respectively. LEAF works in conjunction with EkoSkola and Dinja Waħda whereas all programmes emphasize the need to take care of our environment and enhance students to come up with solutions.  

The LEAF programme also helps in achieving Sustainable Development Goals; Responsible Consumption and Production; Life on Land. 


LEAF 2021 – 2022


Apart from providing each class with its own green space, at our centre students also have Horticulture sessions to help them learn more about plants and gain related skills.

Olive Oil

The olives picked by the students were sent to a local establishment to be pressed. This is the final product. The olive oil was then sold to our school community.

Olive Picking

Students picking olives from our olive trees which are found on the school grounds. In the coming weeks these olives will be sent for production.

LEAF 2019 – 2020


Our school was presented with the second consecutive LEAF award. Last year’s project focused to help us understand the importance of our environment better.


PresidentNevan Azzopardi
MembriDenzil Aquilina
Matthew Grech
Luca Scerri
Aidan Sciortino
Summer Mia Crane
Denzil Briffa
Jerome Galea Giusti
Clyde Bajada

This year, our LEAF project will be working in conjunction with the Kreattiv project.

During Pottery Session, students will be designing pots. The process will be from manufacturing the pot to painting them to give them colour. Afterwards, students will be planting succulents and different types of flowers.

Throughout this project, our students will be raising awareness to reduce plastic as well, as we will be using clay pots instead of plastic ones.

Committee Meeting

During our last committee meeting, to which our Head of School Mr. Cilia was present, the students had the opportunity to discuss the committee progress and give feedback on issues raised. Students also gave suggestions on how to implement ideas for a better environment at our school.

‘Grow 10 Trees’

During recent meetings, members of the EkoSkola have decided to join the ‘Grow 10 Trees‘ project initiated by the Scouts Association of Malta. This project is about making Malta greener and to do so members joining are encouraged to grow a number of local trees and plants from seeds. Guardian Angel was provided with seeds of the Ballut ( Quercus Ilex) and Harrub (Carob Tree), two indigenous trees of our island.

Thanks to the cooperation of Parents and Guardians the first step of this project has already been completed; collecting empty milk cartons so that the seeds can be put in them.

P.A.R.K.S Workshop

Mr. Neville Ebejer from P.A.R.K.S conducted a workshop with our students. During this activity, the students had the opportunity to plant some seeds of the Carob and the Aleppo Pine trees. P.A.R.K.S provided us with pots, compost and seeds.  The aim behind this activity was to enhance the importance of indigenous trees and to create a sense of responsibility when taking care of the trees. 

Paper Recycling

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Johann Gatt, LEAF Coordinator, who gave a demonstration on paper recycling, which is also one of the proposals in our Action Plan.

The students showed great interest in this procedure and where amused by the results.

‘Grow 10 Trees’

This week during Science lessons, our students started to plant the seeds provided to us for the ‘Grow 10 Trees’ Project, thus implementing a cross-curricular approach to learning.

LEAF Meeting

In a short meeting this week, the EkoSkola committee saw the results of the Paper Recycling Session. Our students were really happy with the results and decided to do the activity again. During the meeting, it was highlighted the need and importance of trees and recycling. 

Arbor Day