Active School

We are proudly introducing the Active School Flag Project. The initiative is to promote and nurture a pro-physical activity. Such activities will be among our students, parents and staff. A committee made up of students has already been formed and activities shall be commencing in the next few days.

Active School Flag Award (Premju SkolAttiva) is a project which its main aim is to emphasize the importance of physical activity. This project also enhances promotion and nurtures a pro-physical activity policy at school and outside the school. It also promotes collaboration between the students, staff, parents and the local wider community.

For achieving this award, there are ten key areas which need to be achieved.

  • School Sport Committee;
  • School Sport Events;
  • School-National Association/club links;
  • The Daily Mile Project;
  • Intra-School games;
  • Physical Activity Opportunities;
  • Inter-school Competitions;
  • Sports Day and Recognition of Success;
  • Continuous Professional Development and School Development Plan;
  • Other Initiatives.

The Daily Mile Marathon Challenge

Our school took part in the #RunWithEliud – The Daily Mile marathon challenge. Basically our students had to perform at least 26 Daily Miles between 14th October and 29th November 2019. Since we managed to reach the target set by the organisers, our school was awarded a certificate of participation.

Sports Day Nov 2019

Cross-Curricular Activities

Students had to match each hula-hoop colour to the same colour-coded cone and throw or drop it accordingly. These activities form part of the Dinja Wahda and Active School projects.

Fun Day at Hellen Keller

Last Thursday some students from Guardian Angel participated in a Fun Day at Hellen Keller, Qrendi, in which the four Resource Centres from Malta were present. The students participated in various activities such as Basketball, Rugby and Football as welll as a Zumba session and a Pigeon Release Activity. The students received a medal for their participation and efforts. We are proud of you, Well Done!

Sports Activities with Partner Schools

Special Olympics

A talk by Malta Special Olympics was delivered yesterday at our centre. Ms. Pauline Camilleri and Ms. Lorna Callus gave a brief description about the involvement and idea behind it. We thank the Special Olympics team as well as all parents and guardians who attended.

Basketball Free Shots

During this year, our school took the initiative to introduce new sports to our students. A Basket Ball Free Shots Tournament was organized with the support of Floriana Basket Ball Team and Basket Ball player Ignacio Garcia. Big Well done to all the students who participated.

1st Place: Michaela Friggieri

2nd Place: Matthew Grech

3rd Place: Nevan Azzopardi

Cross Curricular Activities – ICT

During ICT sessions, students used the Nintendo Wii to practice simple yoga positions, like deep breathing and the half moon; balancing games; play bowling as well as reinforcing directions left and right during football games.


On the last day of school the students had the opportunity to play Rugby with a foreign Rugby player. The students practiced moves that where done already by Mr. Josef Farrugia in his PE lessons. The students enjoyed throwing and catching the ball and other techniques. Thank you Marco!

Penalty Shoot-Out

A penalty shoot-out was organised on April 15th by the members of staff at Guardian Angel Resource Centre, in collaboration with the Malta Football Association (MFA) and the Physical Education and Sport Centre (PESC), at the PESC’s football ground in Ħamrun.

A total of 30 students took part in the event, which included the contribution of several male and female players from Malta’s national football teams.

Besides being a unique sporting experience for the students, funds were also raised for ALS Malta.

Special thanks to:

Mr Peter Busuttil, the MFA Supporters Liaison Office, Disability Access Officer.

Mr Kevin Azzopardi, Physical Education EO;

Mr Kevin Mifsud, from the Centre for Physical Education;

Ms Claudia Mifsud, personal assistant to MFA President.

and to all the players who were truly marvelous with the students

Thank you also goes to Mr. Josef Farrugia and Mr. David Carabott for organizing this event. The students who made it through to the end are:

1st place: Thomas Gusman

2nd place: Ismael Emara

3rd place: Jade Morrow

Well done to All the students who participated!

Sports Day

Sports Day at Guardian Angel on which day numerous activities were organized. The day started with a walk around the school to break the ice; afterwards a parachute activity followed and later various stations were prepared and all the students rotated. Big thank you goes to parents who attended this special day, we appreciated your presence a lot. Thank you goes to all the staff who helped and aided our students during this day. Last but not least, thank you to the organizers Mr. Josef, Mr. David and Ms. Antonella who prepared everything in great detail and made sure that everyone had lots of fun!

Relay Race

As part of the Active School programme, our school is organizing different tournaments and competitions. Last week we had our relay race where representatives from each class participated in a tournament. Medals where given to those placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Extra Curricular Activities

Another extra-curricular activity which was organized for the students during the break.  Extra curricular activities help the students to explore games in which they practice physical activities.
The committee is currently discussing to implement more extra curricular games.

Cross-Curricular Activities

During this activity, students used gym mats, a hula hoop and some flashcards to demonstrate some basic 2-dimensional shapes done in class.


Last week the students visited Eden Super Bowl where they practiced their throwing skills at Bowling. This was part of the Active School Project and it served as an excellent opportunity for them to play a different sport than the ones they play at school.

Active School Meeting

Last week the members met for another Active School Project meeting. During this meeting the students discussed the recent outings which were organized and also planned for a jogging session to be held during the break.

Extra Curricular Activities

As part of our action plan for the Active School Project, our committee has organized a number of extra-curricular activities and our first activity was Table Tennis. The students had a go at playing this game hands on during their break time.

Committee meeting

Last week our first Active School committee meeting was held at the school. During this meeting Mr. Josef Farrugia and Mr. David Carabott explained what the project is about; the students showed enthusiasm and suggested several activities that could be done at the school.

Jogging around the school