Educational Resources Available

Independent Living Skills Lab

Guardian Angel has its very own flatlet, with a spacious open plan consisting of; a kitchen with all the latest appliances (a cooker, a fridge and a washing machine), as well as equipment (cutlery, dining plates and cookware); a dining area with a couch and table soccer as well as bedroom area with a bed and a wardrobe.  This area is used during ILS sessions and students have the opportunity to apply theory to practice and enhance independent living skills ranging from making their own bed, preparing a healthy snack, doing laundry, socializing with their friends, sweeping/vacuuming the floor and many others.

The Multisensory Room

“Tell me and I’ll forget,
show me and I may remember,
involve me and I’ll understand”

The Multisensory Room caters for students with multiple and profound learning disabilities because it offers a sensory, musical and interactive learning experience. In this room we are going to teach literature through the use of sensory stimulation using smell, taste, sight and sound. As a result students will be given a better opportunity to learn by using their senses and be active participants in their own learning.

Food Lab

Our spacious Food Lab is very well equipped. This lab is divided into two sections; one for theory lessons and a section for practical lessons. Theory lessons are still carried out by hands-on activities and usually students will be around a big table with their LSA’s making use of the interactive white board and other different resources depending on the topic and students’ abilities. Practical sessions are very popular in our Resource Centre and we keep them active as much as possible by preparing a variety of healthy savoury and sweet dishes. The practical area consists of four working units which can hold a maximum of sixteen students working together with their LSA’s. Some of the facilities in the Food Lab are six sink units, four cookers, microwave, electric oven, fridge-freezer and other safety equipment such as fire extinguisher and fire blankets. Students are given the opportunity to use a variety of kitchen equipment and skills. Students with difficulties in their motor skills can still operate any electrical equipment by using a Joggle Switch.

Information and Communication Technology Lab

One can find a fully equipped ICT lab at our Centre.  Currently we have 8 desktop computers, all of which having a touch screen monitor.  An interactive white board, Lego Education WeDo kit, special adapted keyboards, mini mouse, trackball and Joggle Switches.  Apart all these hardware resources the lab computers are also equipped with specialized software such as Clicker 6, Clicker 5, Jigsaw Maker 2, SwitchIT series software and other specialized educational software.  All these resources are used with our students according to their abilities during ICT practical sessions.  These tools help our students to embrace and use ICT devices as a communication tool.

Science Lab

Students attending Guardian Angel Resource Centre enjoy Science lessons in a fully equipped Science Laboratory. Here the students have the opportunity to carry out hands-on activities which are an essential part of their learning process. Experiments in the lab are carried out under full supervision while ensuring that all the safety precautions are taken always beforehand so that students are not posed to any kind of danger at any time. Practical work helps students bridge between theory and the actual doing of science. The Science lab is also equipped with an interactive whiteboard which is used creatively as a teaching and learning tool. This lab also offers space where students can explore and engage in tasks assigned using adapted equipment related with topics being covered. This helps students to make the lesson their own.

OptiMusic Room

The OptiMusic is a unique audio-visual system that is played by interacting with coloured light beams – any movement within the beams triggers a sound. It has a role as a musical instrument, a powerful communication tool and an invaluable teaching aid. It is used mostly during music and literacy lessons. This system can calm and stimulate students and it is both fun and educational.
Enhancing the OptiMusic, we also have recording equipment. This helps in confidence building, as users develop a more positive self image and self esteem together with greater participation.

Physical Education

At Guardian Angel, we nurture a sporting culture into our students. Besides the gymnasium, the school has an outdoor sports area with exercise gym equipment, trampoline, swings, bicycles and several other therapy machines, which gives students the chance to take more exercise. Moreover, every scholastic year, we organise several activities and among them we have Healthy Lifestyle Days and Sports Days. Additionally, students are offered the opportunity to participate in sports and physical exercises during various school outings.