Class 5

As part of the world clean up campaign Class 5 visited Gnejna Bay and collected trash from the bay. The students had the opportunity to see how plastic deteriorates in tiny particles that make it difficult to clean. We managed to collect around 5 small black garbage bags from the bay.

Once again, the school participated in the exhibition of Art that, Ghaqda Muzikali Immakulata Kuncizzjoni held last week with the team Immaculate Conception. In the photos one can see students form Class 5 working on their work of art they showcased in this exhibition. 

As part of our P.S.D lessons student had to make a chart related to waste reduction to raise awareness for the European Week for Waste Reduction. Class 5 students came with the idea to show how one can make a huge difference with simple, small gestures. In the photos one can see the ideas that they came out with and the forming of their chart.