“…valuable and contributing members of the community…”
“…cater for the personal, social, educational and spiritual development of the students…”
“…achieve greater self-esteem and personal maturity…”
“…enable all pupils to make progress…”
“…empower the students to achieve full inclusion in society…”


In the past few weeks the students practised their camera skills. They took photos of the various fruit trees that are present at our school, these were printed and made into a collage. Online activities to consolidate the concepts were done afterwards. Following that, this week the students participated in a treasure hunt; the students had to find the hidden big macks and the fruit accordingly. These activities were also linked with Dinja Wahda project.

Home Economics

As part of the lessons about Table Manners students did a Scavenger Hunt for pictorial table manners. A discussion and social story about table manners followed. 

World Teacher’s Day

Tomorrow is World Teacher’s Day! Guardian Angel would like to wish an amazing day to all teachers, but especially to the ones at our school who are so dedicated at what they do!

New School Year

Summer holidays are over, therefore, today the SMT and staff returned to Guardian Angel where various meetings took place.
We would like to remind all parents/guardians that Guardian Angel will welcome back all students this Wednesday from 9.00 till 3.00.
We look forward for another year!

End of School Year

Yesterday marked the official end of the school year for students. We would like to wish all the best to those students who, next year, will be commencing a new year at a new school. You will be dearly missed! We welcome all the other students back to school on the 25th of September! Have a wonderful summer!

May we remind you that the end of year barbecue is going to be held on the 3rd of July at 7.00 on school premises. Thank you!

Celebration Day

On Friday, 21st June, our Centre hosted its annual Celebration Day. The programme started off with two dances, Dancing Fool and Don’t Mean a Thing, performed by our students. These were choreographed by Ms Alison White, with the assistance of Ms Kim Ellul. Three clips were then presented, showing our students during their daily activities, this year’s Job Experience, and the Be Active programme.

Our day continued with the school play Lehmiet Maltin. Set in a Maltese village square, our students portrayed typical Maltese traditions through a friendly conversation between two old men. This was done through the use of various Maltese songs and reference to traditional food items such as qagħaq and pastizzi, closing with a typical Maltese festa scene, with a real band entertaining the audience with band marches.

After this colourful presentation both Mr Zammit, the College Principal, and Mr Cilia, the Head of School, addressed the audience respectively. The whole activity concluded with the presentation of a Certificate of Achievement to all students and the Prince’s Trust XL Award Certificates.

Literacy – Dinja Wahda

Vaganza ħdejn il-baħar jew fil-kampanja?

F’din il-ħarġa marbuta mal-programm Dinja Waħda, l-istudenti kellhom l-opportunità jesperjenzaw żewġ tipi ta’ vaganzi: ħdejn il-baħar u fil-kampanja.

Gozo Trip

Last Saturday students and parents from Guardian Angel visited Gozo, a trip which was organized by the School Council.

Happy Father’s Day

On this special day Guardian Angel would like to wish all Dads/Grandads/Guardians a happy Father’s Day. May you have a blessed day full of love and happiness.