“…valuable and contributing members of the community…”
“…cater for the personal, social, educational and spiritual development of the students…”
“…achieve greater self-esteem and personal maturity…”
“…enable all pupils to make progress…”
“…empower the students to achieve full inclusion in society…”

Happy Mother’s Day

Guardian Angel would like to wish a most happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, Parents and Staff, out there who do an amazing job every day. Hope your day is filled with happiness.

D & T

Throwback to some of the Design and Technology lessons before our school routine was ceased: During the lessons, as part of the topic ‘Going Electronic’ the students had to design and make a battery-operated lantern. The images show only some of the students who started building the circuit. God willing, this project will be continued during in the next scholastic year.


One of the last Numeracy topics tackled at school was Money. Students were assisted to familiarize themselves with different Euro coins and values. They even explored how and when to use money.  Some of our students were busy working on their XL project – Undertaking an Enterprise. This unit also helped them learn about costs, selling price and profit. 

D & T

Throwback to some of the Design and Technology lessons before our school routine was ceased: During the lessons, as an introduction to the topic ‘Going Electric’ the students had to distinguish between electrical and non-electrical appliances’.


These are the last photos of students working on Bee Bot and Truck Bot.


Students were happy to have Numeracy sessions outside their classrooms. Apart from the usual resources, we used pine cones as counters during Addition activities. Some pine cones were even coloured as to help with the exercises.  


Students were able to experience fractions through different hands-on activities such as using flashcards to identify half and whole, preparing a smoothie, cutting wooden fruit in two halves, making a fruit platter and sharing it, playing games and making jigsaw puzzles, making a sandwich and sharing it, etc.

Work Placement

Students had the opportunity of a 3 day work placement which was held at Qrendi Local Council. The students had the chance to practice several office skills such as, using the photocopier and filing. On the whole, it has been a very fruitful experience.


Some of The EkoSkola committee together with other students from our school, did some indoor and outdoor activities this week. The main purpose of these activities was the integration of technology in our school life.

Chocolate Factory Outing

Last week students and staff of Class 4 visited Malta Chocolate Factory in Bugibba. With the help of Veronica, our host from the factory, the students had the opportunity to make a chocolate heart and design it with different chocolates and sweets. She also explained the process of chocolate making. After the visited we grabbed the opportunity to walk along the Bugibba promenade.