“…valuable and contributing members of the community…”
“…cater for the personal, social, educational and spiritual development of the students…”
“…achieve greater self-esteem and personal maturity…”
“…enable all pupils to make progress…”
“…empower the students to achieve full inclusion in society…”
Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

Lesson about Carbohydrates. Familiarise themselves with sources of Carbohydrates and doing an A3 chart with dyed pasta as a source of Carbohydrates.

Practical lesson: Bread pudding as another source of Carbohydrates.

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Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

Illum reġa’ żar iċ-Ċentru tagħna Illio. Kemm Ilio kif wkoll l-istudenti tagħna dejjem qegħdin ikomplu isaħħu r-relazzjoni tajba ta’ bejniethom.

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Christmas Stockings

A Christmas project done by the students using fabric during the Design & Technology lessons.

Students had the opportunity to design their own stocking using fabric and other materials  such as buttons. Fabric adhesive and hand stitching technique were used to create the designs.

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Auditions ‘Noti Ferrieħa’

Auditions ‘Noti Ferrieħa’

Throughout this week students had an experience of ‘Noti Ferrieħa’, our school’s percussion band. Students learnt to play different instruments while emphasizing rhythm and team work. After the auditions, the band will start rehearsals weekly during break time.

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