“…valuable and contributing members of the community…”
“…cater for the personal, social, educational and spiritual development of the students…”
“…achieve greater self-esteem and personal maturity…”
“…enable all pupils to make progress…”
“…empower the students to achieve full inclusion in society…”

Dinja Waħda: Directions

The main objective of this outing was for the students to follow directions. It took place in ‘Il-Ġnien tal-Kmand’ in Qrendi as part of the Dinja Waħda project. The van dropped us off at Qrendi parish church and we followed the directions to ‘Il-Ġnien tal-Kmand’. Once we arrived, the students were given a flashcard with the picture of an object which was hidden somewhere in the garden. They had to follow the directions to find these objects.


EkoSkola: Sound Barriers

Il-kumitat ta’ EkoSkola mar jara eżatt kif ikunu ‘sound barriers’. L-istudenti żaru l-junction tal-Kappara fejn raw fuq il-post ‘sound barriers’ li simili tagħhom ser ikunu qegħdin jitwaħħlu fl-iskola tagħna.

Dinja Waħda: Music in Nature

Students experienced playing in nature with percussion instruments. This multi-sensorial experience was a fun way of learning about different sounds in nature and creating sounds from natural material.