Learning About Forests (LEAF)

LEAF is an international programme which works in parallel with EkoSkola. These projects complement each other and empower students to adopt an active role in decision-making and taking actions in their school community. LEAF is run by Nature Trust as FEE representatives.

This is the first year in which our centre is taking an active role in the LEAF programme. This project is being led by Mr. Malcolm Aquilina, Ms. Antonella Farrugia and Ms. Nadia Marie Sultana. LEAF runs on the same principles adopted by EkoSkola with the main objective being to enhance awareness regarding trees and biodiversity in our centre. In this programme we will be tackling the issue of deforestation and thus, students will be experiencing planting of trees and herbs, acknowledge the difference in trees and much more. LEAF is a cross-curricular programme where lessons in Numeracy and Literacy will be involving counting of leaves and learning the parts of the tree respectively. LEAF works in conjunction with EkoSkola and Dinja Waħda whereas all programmes emphasize the need to take care of our environment and enhance students to come up with solutions.  

The LEAF programme also helps in achieving Sustainable Development Goals; Responsible Consumption and Production; Life on Land.