EkoSkola Malta is one of the projects of Nature Trust – FEE Malta. In the past years EkoSkola Malta gave a great importance to education for sustainable development in our country. 

This is the third consecutive scholastic year in which our centre is taking part in EkoSkola. During these years EkoSkola gave our students the ability to engage in hands on activities and gave them the experience and necessary knowledge regarding sustainable environment. During committee meetings students discuss several issues like recycling, paper waste, food waste and others. Once again we will be involved in the We Eat Responsibly Project by implementing the worm composting. Our EkoSkola committee is made up of 9 students. This committee is then overseen by Mr. Malcolm Aquilina, Ms. Antonella Farrugia and Ms. Nadia Marie Sultana; whom are always present during committee meetings and during all the activities related to EkoSkola. Our EkoSkola’s EcoCode is: BE SEEN GO GREEN. This EcoCode was chosen by our students and it shows the importance of taking care of our environment. This year EkoSkola will be taking a cross-curricular approach, where EkoSkola will be reaching all students attending our centre through different subjects, like Literacy and Numeracy. Moreover, EkoSkola complements other projects at our school, such as LEAF. 

Also EkoSkola at our centre is synonymous in participating in ‘Nirriċikla għall-Istrina’ and the ‘Batree’ campaign. Plastic caps and used batteries are not only being collected at our centre, but students and their parents are participating by collecting them at home. The first year we obtained the Silver Award and last scholastic year our centre was awarded the Green Flag; the most precious achievement that can be obtained in EkoSkola Malta. This was a means of motivation for our students seeing that their work is being recognised and thus, for this year, students are willing to do their part in EkoSkola and participate in the activities planned. 


President Nevan Azzopardi
Assistant President Denzil Aquilina
Secretary Pietro Cremona
Kylie Bonello
Laurent Micallef
Thomas Guzman
Nigel Cremona
Kyle Baldacchino
Justin Aquilina
Ms. Nadia Marie Sultana
Ms. Antonella Farrugia
Mr. Malcolm Aquilina