Dinja Waħda u l-Poeżiji

Waqt il-lezzjonijiet tal-Letteratura, iddiskutejna l-poeżija ‘ Ġejja x-Xita’ tal-poetessa Mary Meilak. Sabiex jifhmu aktar il-kunċett tal-poeżija, l-istudenti ġew mitluba jagħmlu tiftixa fl-ambjent naturali tal-iskola għal xi insetti, annimali u oġġetti oħra li jissemmew fil-poeżija.


During last days we prepared sensory numbers and shapes using many different materials and colours. We played educative games on the Interactive White Board. Learning is Fun!

EkoSkola: WasteServ Talk

This morning a representative from WasteServ gave a small talk to our students regarding recycling. The students were shown examples of what can be recycled and cannot.

LEAF: Reading of Noise Levels

Currently our school is under going an infrastructural development. Consequently leading to the removal of a number of trees. However these trees were relocated elsewhere. In order to identify the effect of such action, our students had the opportunity to observe the impact of the noise before and after.


Our students experimenting with sinking and floating objects during the science lesson.


During the lessons we focused on the recognition and tracing numbers improving fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Students participated in learning through the usage of technology and activities on the Interactive White Board. Learning is fun!

Rabat Train ride and Imdina

Students experienced getting on a bus (tal-linja) and purchasing the ticket. Students rode a train around Rabat and Imtarfa to observe the surroundings and later walked through the streets of Imdina. Finally, the students ate lunch together in a cafeteria as part of their independent living skills programme.